[okfn-help] ckan svn email alerts

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Feb 7 11:40:21 GMT 2008

John Bywater wrote:
> Hey,
> What's involved with getting email on CKAN SVN commits (like KForge and 
> Domain Model)??

We did this for kforge using rss2email and pulling svn commit info. 
However I'm not sure I'd want to have them sent here as it might 'flood' 
the list a little. Possible options:

1. Create a dedicated commit/trac updates mailing list (either for ckan 
or for OKFN projects more widely)

2. Just subscribe to the feeds with your favourite rss reader (there's a 
built-in one in thunderbird I believe).

This question also leads onto the more general question of how to 
effectively aggregative project activity in one place, see this todo 
item for more info:



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