[okfn-help] Open Shakespeare/Milton progress + work on the Xapian indexer

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jun 2 20:52:39 BST 2008

Dear Iain (and anyone interested),

I've been working away on Open Shakespeare on various things in an 
effort to 'close out' Milestone 5. In particular I've

   * Migration to Pylons
   * Updating and improving basic web user interface look and feel
   * Moving shakespeare Gutenberg texts into the svn repo (so that 
installation is simpler)
   * Done more proofing of the EB Shakespeare entry and there is now a 
nearly complete intro to life + work

The last items remaining then are tickets:

   * 8: Text search of available material
     * http://knowledgeforge.net/shakespeare/trac/ticket/8
   * 25 Introduction to Shakespeare and his works
     * http://knowledgeforge.net/shakespeare/trac/ticket/25

25, as just mentioned, is being worked on (in some ways we could already 
mark it as done). I also know you'd started on item 8 and I was 
wondering how you were getting on. I recently got round to installing 
xapian and I'd be happy to help out on getting a basic indexer up and 

In addition I've realized that one should really use the indexer to do 
all the stats stuff rather than the crude hand-rolled concordance 
solution I was using before (a stemmer is thrown in free etc etc) which 
makes getting the indexer working even more of a priority :)


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