[okfn-help] Porting Shakespeare and Milton to Literature

Iain Emsley print.crimes at yatterings.com
Tue Oct 28 12:45:06 GMT 2008

Hi Rufus and all,

Just beginning to port the core Shakespeare/Milton code into a  
literature project package to clean it up and make it non-author  
specific but I've just got a quick query before delving too deeply  
into it.

I'm going through cli.py to remove old commands such as runserver  
since we're using paster serve. Now that we are providing packages of  
Gutenberg texts, can I safely remove the do_gutenberg and do_moby  
commands since they get texts from Gutenbery (and moby is Shakespeare  
(and I think the Bible) specific)? I'm assuming that these are  
considered redundant but just wanted to double check.




Iain Emsley

Blog: www.yatterings.com
Mobile: 07942 259725

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