[okfn-help] KForge community development

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Jun 11 12:26:41 BST 2009

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> 2009/6/9 John Bywater <john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net>:
>>>> 5. To write an initial prospectus of proposals of the club, to provide a
>>>> statement of the proposed work, the desired benefits, the expected
>>>> costs, and the reporting of activity.
>> Here are some draft proposals of the club:
> These all look excellent and cost/benefits seem realistic. Do we want
> to add an item about specifically reaching out to existing KForge
> userbase/making KForge better know to potential users?

Thanks. I think that's included in proposal #4. Perhaps 'sponsors' could 
be explained to include existing KForge userbase.

> Also do we want to record such proposals formally, e.g. on the main
> okfn tasks trac?

Yes, I reckon they can be recorded there. But please note that there are 
several entities and associations that I'm trying to boil down into a 
domain model. Not least: "a prospectus has a collection of proposals". :-)

Best wishes,


> Rufus
>> Purpose: To complete KForge software development milestone v1.0b.
>> Benefit: A more secure, more technically accessible KForge.
>> Cost: 10 days (software engineering)
>> Purpose: To complete KForge software development milestone v1.0.
>> Benefit: KForge v1.0.
>> Cost: 10 days (software engineering)
>> Purpose: To provide knowledgeforge.net software service for 12 months.
>> Benefit: An open service for open knowledge development
>> Cost: 10 days (service execution management)
>> Purpose: To host the KForge/OK club for 12 months.
>> Benefit: Network of sponsors; routine for circulating proposals.
>> Cost: 5 days (club hosting)

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