[okfn-help] KForge community development

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Sat Jun 13 15:47:06 BST 2009

John Bywater wrote:
> Rufus Pollock wrote:
>> Also do we want to record such proposals formally, e.g. on the main
>> okfn tasks trac?

I've written the proposals into the SoftwareClub wiki page.

The proposals can be published in a prospectus when stable. I guess 
there could be a wiki page per prospectus, for example:

> Yes, I reckon they can be recorded there. But please note that there are 
> several entities and associations that I'm trying to boil down into a 
> domain model. Not least: "a prospectus has a collection of proposals". :-)

Regarding proposals, prospectuses, etc, I've sketched domain model for 
software clubs. There's a UML class diagram (and nice text description) 
under the heading "Domain Model" on this page:

Prospectuses refer to their proposals. Proposals need to refer to the 
issues they resolve. Clubs need to refer both to the proposals they 
register, and to the prospectuses they publish. Approvals need to refer 
to prospectuses (and probably individual proposals). Hosts and members 
need to calculate levels of approval and reports on progress, so doing 
this on a wiki might not scale. :-)

Best wishes,



The domain model for software clubs describes the major entities 
involved in software clubs and their relationships.

Software clubs have a name, a host, and a status. The name indicates the 
kind of work addressed by the club. The status indicates the current 
stage in the operational cycle. Software clubs register members and 
provide services.

Members request to use services, and raise issues about them at the 
service desk. Services can be anything that members find useful. 
Expectations for a service can be recorded in a service level agreement.

Proposals for enhancements to club services are registered with the 
club. Proposals can be written by the host, or by a member. Proposals 
may seek to resolve a set of issues, but issues can be resolved without 
any proposal.

Clubs regularly publish a prospectus of outstanding proposals, and seek 
approval from the members for the prospectus. Members approve the 
prospectus, agree contributions, and review progress. Services are 
upgraded as proposals are realized.

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