[okfn-help] Multiple download URLs for CKAN

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Mon Nov 23 13:06:02 GMT 2009


Cheers for your comments. See more comments below.

> Re: distributions/resources nomenclature - is this just nomenclature,
> or does how CKAN will function somehow depend on what we decide here?
> If its just names - what about 'bulk' and 'part' instead of
> distribution/resource (which is perhaps less obvious).

I think you're right that there's not a clear use distinction between
resource and distribution, so we'll make them the same object for now.
'Distribution' will indicate a resource corresponding to the complete
package's data.

> I guess another thing to think about is - when there are multiple
> versions of a package (e.g. if someone took CSV file and converted to
> RDF and wanted to link to it on CKAN) - are we currently planning to
> put this on the main package page, or to split into different pages? I
> guess my feeling is we want to put on same page until it changes
> significantly enough to deserve its own page. Another thing to think
> about is forking or packages and dependencies between packages. Do we
> have a longer term plan here?

Yes this has come up before and we feel it's up to users as to what
justifies a new package. We're also working on dependencies and
'related-to' features to link packages.


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