[okfn-help] Get Involved with the Open Knowledge Foundation: how to handle expressions of interest

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Dec 3 08:08:28 GMT 2010

Hi All,

We now have people volunteering to help out with stuff at the OKF via
the google form we put up recently here:


For obvious reasons, the submissions on that form aren't public and at
the moment Mark, Jonathan and Theorora are the ones with access (going
forward anyone who joins the 'get involved team' -- see below would be
on it. If you're interested in being on that team please say!)

We need to establish a good process for handling this interest in
getting involved with the OKFN. So, I propose the following:

* We have a small 'get involved' team who are the people responsible
for handling this.

* Since this involves people who a) may be having their first contact
with the OKF b) want to help us; this is a position of significant

* Out of that team one person is the designated responder with one backup.

* Propose current team be Mark (lead), Jonathan (backup) and me

* Process for handling requests:

  1. We get a submission -- automatically notified

  2. 'Lead' writes back asap acknowledging email, thanking them and
saying we'll get back to them very shortly and asking if they can make
our next weekly catchup (currently 'some time' on tuesday afternoon so
let's fix this as 1730 GMT on Tuesdays on Skype -- easier than irc for
new people)

  3. If we can match them immediately with a task on an area of work
we write back proposing that otherwise we wait to talk with them at an
afternoon catchup (or if that does not work can arrange a direct
1-to-1 skype call or chat).

Does this sound sensible?

@Mark are you happy to be designated as initial lead and to respond to
people who have enquired just recently?


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