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Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Mon Dec 20 16:48:30 GMT 2010

Il giorno ven, 17/12/2010 alle 22.29 +0100, Stefano Costa ha scritto:
> Mediawiki is far better when it comes to having a complex structure of
> pages, it has a few extensions that will be very helpful for this
> project (Extension:Cite being the first) and is generally easier for
> newcomers, who may already know Wikipedia. That said, for
> wiki.okfn.org
> the difference is not going to be very significant.
> I cannot judge the sysadmin side of the story. MW is pretty much like
> any other LAMP-based software.

We had a short call about this a few minutes ago (notes at
http://okfnpad.org/open-methods ).

Basically the request would be for:
      * http://methods.okfn.org/ subdomain for the time being (other
        domain names already taken)
      * installation of Semantic MediaWiki - I can take care of it
        myself, if given the right credentials and instructions on which
        server should be used (SMW is a MW extension, so PHP).
        PostgreSQL is almost untested as db backend of SMW
        unfortunately, so MySQL would be better.

Any question is welcome! Open Methods aims at establishing a common (and
possibly multilingual) repository of methods and workflows in any field
of knowledge.

Thank you

Stefano Costa
Coordinator, Working Group on Open Data in Archaeology
The Open Knowledge Foundation
http://www.okfn.org · http://opendefinition.org/
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