[OKFN-IN] Building a map to show autorickshaw fares

Laura Newman laura.newman at okfn.org
Wed Sep 5 14:05:21 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Thought you might be interested in the following post... Jayesh has built a
map which allows you to calculate how much an autorickshaw ride should

Hopefully a blog on how he worked with the data will be following shortly -
keep an eye out for it. Thanks Jayesh, this is great to see!



Hello School of Data,

Recently I read this blog post by Nigel Babu on the Salary converter that
he built. And since you asked for a data-wrangling-experience, here's one
that I have built. Well, this one does not crunch a lot of data (for
example from the UN, data.gov.in or the likes) but is meant to be a
straight forward visualization of Fares using a city-transport mode
commonly known as 'Rickshaw', in India.

The idea sprung for a competition (JS10K) where the task was to build an
app less than 10k in size. I wanted to build something very useful in this
limited size. Calculating Rickshaw fares are a nightmare for people
anywhere in India. Basically, you pay as per the meter-reading for the
vehicle (which has a conversion rule in many cities), which in-turn is
based on the amount of travel you have made. Sometimes, even for the same
travel the fares differ so much that it makes us feel that we are cheated
most of the time. I decided to visualize this on a map (with all the
associated rules) which shows you the maximum fare you should be paying and
a shortest alternative as well.

Well I didn't win the competition, but built a separate site for people to
use it - http://faremap.in. (the competition entry link is

Hope you like it.

Thank you,
Jayesh Gohel

Laura Newman
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