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Hi Tracey

I would be happy to. The current OGP requirements and framework lack enforcement, enablement tools and accountability rubrics for member nations, including the US. Looking at the US set of action items I worry at how out of date they are given our current fiscal crisis as well as our eroding credibility regarding intelligence gathering.

It is the right time for the OGP to have an accountability framework that is fair and universal. The ODI provides an excellent model to oversee OGP efforts within member countries.

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Would be good to hear you share this in thursday.  Expecatations and reality do not always converge and maybe goals differ too!

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> Something I published after spending time at the ODI and after living through the latest US Federal Budget crisis:
> I feel my comments nicely converged with the way the discussion is drifting concerning the role of the OGP and open government data. I do agree that some governments are using open data as a camouflage to avoid true transparency.
> http://jasonmhare.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-open-data-institute-is-integral-to.html<http://jasonmhare.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-open-data-institute-is-integral-to.html>
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> Subject: Re: [Okfn-irl] [Thursday, 24th October] ODI Meetup #10 ‘The Way forward for Open Data in Ireland’
> Timely and important.
> For open data to promote open government, it needs to operate within a framework of law and regulation that ensures that information is collected, organized and stored and then made public in a timely, accurate and useful form.   The information must be more than just what government bodies find useful to release, but what is important for the public to know to ensure that those bodies are accountable.

> http://www.article19.org/join-the-debate.php/119/view/<http://www.article19.org/join-the-debate.php/119/view/>
> Best,
> Denis
> On Friday, October 18, 2013 10:34:28 AM UTC+1, Flora Fleischer wrote:


> Dear All,

> You are very welcome to  join us, to contribute and to participate in ‘Open Data Ireland Meet up #10’ on Thursday, 24th October 2013 in TCube Dublin<https://maps.google.com/maps?q=32-34+Castle+Street,+Dublin+2&hl=en&sll=53.375136,-6.300659&sspn=0.224888,0.676346&hnear=34+Castle+St,+Dublin+2,+County+Dublin,+Ireland&t=m&z=16> (32-34 Castle Street, Dublin 2).

> Doors open: 18:30

> Everyone is welcome, the event is free, but registration is required: https://tito.io/open-data-ireland/meetup-10

·         What? Open Data Ireland Meet-up: Next steps for open data in Ireland<https://tito.io/open-data-ireland/meetup-10>

·         When? Thursday 24th October, 18:30 – 21.30

·         Where?  Dublin TCube (Phoenix House, 32-34 Castle Street, D2)<https://www.google.com/maps/preview#!q=32+-+34+Castle+Street%2C++Dublin+2&data=!4m15!2m14!1m13!1s0x48670c279411df4b%3A0x44f65948a249416e!3m8!1m3!1d21836551!2d-95.677068!3d37.0625!3m2!1i1366!2i643!4f13.1!4m2!3d53.3433821!4d-6.2692277>

·         Social media: Follow @OKFirl<https://twitter.com/OKFirl> #OpenDataIRL<https://twitter.com/search?q=%23opendataIRL&src=hash>

·         More details: on the event page<https://tito.io/open-data-ireland/meetup-10>

> **Please also spread the word and Re-tweet<https://twitter.com/OKFirl/status/390775540291883008> (Tweet all ready to go for your convenience** :-)<https://tito.io/open-data-ireland/meetup-10>


What will we be talking about?

> The objective of the Open Data Ireland meet-up is to provide an informal opportunity for people from all backgrounds with an interest in open data to to connect, interact, learn and strategize. There is a big focus on identifying and collaborating on actionable next steps.

> Ease of Access: What do we need to do to keep Irish Open Data portal live & kicking? - Next Steps.

> Open Data Availability: Findings from our recent open data audit at CKAN Hackathon. Challenges for open data during OKFN Open Data Census.- Next Steps.

> Strategy: Where next for open data in Ireland? Ireland and the Open Government Partnership. The case for an Irish Open Data Institute - Next Steps

> Web: Content Strategy for Opendata.ie: How do we use website/blog to tell Irish citizens & the world what we're doing & why. - Next Steps


> Open Data Ireland was set up with the purpose of helping citizens access high value, meaningful machine readable data sets generated by the Irish Government. This community meetup will bring together people who are passionate about sharing, learning, using and progressing Open Data in Ireland.

> If you work in public or private sectors, if you're a developer, designer, journalist, academic, policy maker, creative thinker, civil servant, entrepreneur or just an Average Joe, you're more than welcome to join us, contribute and participate.

> Open Data needs creative people like you. You don’t have to be a tech genius, you just need an interest in open data and a willingness to get stuck in. We meet in a professional office space and have regular meet-ups attended by people from all backgrounds (not just IT). This is your opportunity to learn. Come along. Ask questions. Make suggestions. We can be a sounding board for your ideas.

> The event is co-organised by Open Data Ireland<http://opendata.ie/> community and Open Knowledge Foundation - Ireland.<http://irl.okfn.org/> Thanks to TCube Dublin for hosting this event. Many thanks to all volunteers for their time and energy!


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