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Gio 16 Feb 2012 07:54:41 UTC

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Open Data Project Specialist

Trento Rise Association is looking for an Open Data Project Specialist, 
in support to the Business Area of Trento Rise for activities related to 
the so-called “Open Data Project”.

Trento Rise Association was established on 10 December 2010 by its 
Founding Members the University of Trento and the Bruno Kessler 
Foundation. Trento Rise Association seeks to contribute to the creation 
of a centre of excellence for research, innovation and advanced training 
in the field of Information and Communications Technology in the 
Province of Trento. In particular, the Association intends to contribute 
to the success of the international non-profit association “EIT ICT 
Labs”, in which it participates as a core partner, in order that it may 
become the new European system for research, innovation and advanced 
training in ICT. It also intends to promote integration between the 
various parties operating in the Province of Trento Research System (in 
particular, the University and Research Centres) within the ICT sector. 
In this regard, it promotes cooperation between the research sector and 
businesses aimed at transferring knowledge with a view to facilitating 
the internationalisation and innovation of companies and of the Province 
of Trento.

Duty of the post

     Manage the technology portfolio of activities related to the 
so-called “Open Data Project”.
     Lead internal teams and interact with business partners.
     Manage technology operating budgets.
     Prepare reports and present results as appropriate.
     Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the 
Business Director.

Criteria for assessment

Education, experience and achievements

1) Degree and post-graduate degree (MSc, Laurea Quadriennale, Laurea 
Specialistica, or Laurea Magistrale) in Information Engineering, 
Computer Science or technical related areas.

2) Good knowledge of the Italian and international ICT market and data 
management, resulting from past experiences in the private sector (e.g. 
consulting firm, technology).

3) Experience as supervisor and responsible for medium/high complex IT 
projects (i.e. the level of complexity is linked to the following 
aspects: project area, treated business volume, managed economic and 
human resources, amount of providers involved, and typology of managed 
customers). More specifically, the above-mentioned experience shall be 
related to the management of the following items: commercial proposals, 
planning and financial progresses, resources, and activities of the 
software development process until the transition to production.

4) Experience in the areas of Open Data Projects:

     Open Data Service Creation
     Open Data Modelling
     Open Data Architectures
     Data mining solutions
     Web architectures and technological infrastructures

  5) Experience in the Public Administration context is a plus.

Skills and personal attributes

Work skills

1) A working knowledge of Italian and English.

2) Able to self-organise and work towards deadlines.

3) Problem-solving attitude.

4) Able to interact with top level management at corporate and public level.

Personal skills

1) Able to think strategically and to collaborate proactively.

2) Able to concrete make decisions and take action.

3) Nice and friendly to interact with.

4) Strong personal commitment to work and towards achieving highly 

Type of contract and terms of employment

We are recruiting for the following job profile: Open Data Project 
Specialist, on a project employment contract (co.co.pro.) – 
self-employment. The gross salary per annum will depend on effective 
skills/experience of the candidate and on market values. The hours of 
work are such hours as are necessary to carry out the duties of the post 
as arranged by the Business Director.

The post will be based at Trento Rise Association, Via Sommarive 18, 
38123 Povo - Trento, Italy.

To apply for the post, please send your detailed CV (.pdf format) to 
sandro.battisti a trentorise.eu. Please send your CV with permission of 
the Personal Data Protection Code, Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

The curriculum vitae must be sent exclusively to the above-mentioned 
e-mail address before and no later than 14.03.2012 (12:00 pm).

Applications received by Trento Rise Association after the expiry of the 
time limit specified for receipt thereof will not be eligible, even if 
the non-delivery or late delivery is due to a force majeure occurrence, 
unforeseeable events or the actions of third parties.

Those candidates who will pass the preliminary curricula screening will 
be contacted shortly for an interview. Those applicants who will not be 
selected, will be notified of the exclusion at the end of the selection 

Please note that Trento Rise may contact those candidates admitted to 
evaluation within a period of 3 months for selection process of similar 

For transparency purposes, the name of the selected candidate, if he or 
she has accepted the position, will be published on the Trento Rise 
website at the bottom of the selection notice

Maurizio Napolitano
Open Knowledge

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