[okfn-dev] OKFN Labs site update

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Jan 20 12:55:19 UTC 2012

cc'ing okfn-dev (soon to be okfn-labs ...)

On 20 January 2012 11:18, Friedrich Lindenberg
<friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org> wrote:
> Hey there,
> thanks very much for the update on the website - I like that you're doing
> the spreadsheet transfer at generation time now - that makes a lot more
> sense to me. I'm traveling today and can't harass you guys on Skype, so here

I also want to jump in and say: great work Tom. This looks loads
better. Should also emphasize to everyone that http://okfnlabs.org/
site is still completely unfinished ...

> is an utterly unstructured list of comments related to this:

> * The slogan seems a bit too serious - something along the lines of "virtual
> hackspace for the open knowledge community" may be less intimidating?

Good point.

> * Featured projects (you probably have that planned)

Yes, with nice 'magazine' front page. (Should probably say: "we have
this planned" since this is everyone should feel free to contribute to
designing labs ...).

> * A "proper" blog (jekyll, ofc, but I mean time-based) for techy notebook
> stuff


> * I really like the idea of renaming okfn-dev to -labs.

Let's do that asap.

> * Need to discuss what kind of hosting we could offer to others. Ugly
> business but just so helpful.

Good point.

> * Wondering if there should be different classes of projects (we have
> topical categorization now, but basically "project maturity": incubating, in
> development, production, legacy. 60% is legacy, I suspect).

Agreed. And we probably don't want to list *every* OKFN project (or do we?)

> * Is there some easy way for the jekyll parts of individual projects
> (/recline) to inherit the theme?

I've thought about that too -- for that what we want is to move the
theme to a submodule and then incorporate that into gh-pages branches
of subrepos (in theory gh-pages supports submodules  ...)

> As you may have seen, I'm using opendatalabs.org as a demo space for lots of
> things at the moment. Rufus is right that this should be a CNAME for
> okfnlabs.org but there are two problems: sometimes its just useful to have a
> URL for something that you have shell access to. And: I'm storing data there
> in various ways (~8G). This could be moved to S3 etc. but in the end that

Couldn't we have: files.okfnlabs.org/ or archive.okfnlabs.org/ ...

> makes it less useful as a workbench. Maybe we can have a subdomain like

Do you actually do processing on disk or if just storage s3 ain't bad.
We could also just have pudo.okfnlabs.org etc ... ;-)

> this? Or just forward opendatalabs.org/index.html to okfnlabs.org and leav
> the rest intact?

What about the subdomaining for the actual 'dev/file' stuff and using
okfnlabs for stuff we want to publish. It seems clear to me subdomain
are going to be needed for things that are just js or html apps anyway


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