[okfn-labs] okfnlabs.org minor spruce-up, TEXTUS joins Labs

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Wed Jun 6 21:54:31 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Just a brief email to note, first, that okfnlabs.org has had a bit of a


Any and all feedback/bug reports/feature suggestions are welcomed,
either as emails directly to me (or this list) or as issues opened on


Second, the TEXTUS project has joined the fold as a Labs project. For
all three of you who haven't heard, TEXTUS is OKF's next-generation text
engine -- a platform for scholars to study, reference, and enrich
(through annotations and cross-references) digitised academic texts. See
TEXTUS's home page at:


I'm also taking the opportunity to cross-post to okfn-discuss and
okfn-help -- something I'll do just this once. If you're of a technical
inclination and don't already know about the okfn-labs mailing list,
please do sign up if you want to share or discuss tools and technologies
used in the world of open data. The list is currently very low volume
(<1 email per day).


That's all for now,


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