[okfn-labs] Some further improvements to Recline Data Explorer

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Mar 16 00:51:13 UTC 2012

I demo'd latest version of Recline at the Labs show and tell Tuesday.
I've since done a few more tweaks, which you can see here:


* Move to bootstrap fully for dropdowns and menus giving nicer styling
around buttons and dropdowns

* Added support for storing query state in the url e.g.

* Dropdown menu for search controls containing simple pagination with
changing of from / size (offset / limit)

* Added support for loading from a query paramemter url in the demo so
you can share links with people e.g.

* Support for guessing google doc json url from simple google docs url
(want to see a google docs spreadsheet in recline just do

One thing I've been thinking hard about but not reached a clear
conclusion on is where to put functionality like filters and facets in
the UI. Sepcifically:

* Where should they get created from (e.g. from main search drop down,
from somewhere else)
* Where should facets live (both options and set values)? (Classic
approach is Mark's great work with <http://okfnlabs.org/facetview/>)

Something like http://documentcloud.github.com/visualsearch/ seems
quite nice and very compact but it would not work for complex use
cases like those Mark has (where he allows for year ranges and the
like). Basically: how complex do these things need to be ...


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