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Jonas Öberg jonas at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Fri Jul 12 13:42:45 UTC 2013

Dear all,

I'm new to this list and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a Fellow
of the Shuttleworth Foundation working on technologies and metadata for
attribution and licensing information of digital works. I previously worked
for Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation Europe.

As you may know, Creative Commons has in the past organised a series of
technology summits but the last one was too many years ago and so myself
and a few others have started drafting some plans for a more general
Commons Technology Summit[*].

I'm including a list of the currently proposed topics for such a summit
(the tentative date of which is sometime towards the end of the year,
somewhere in Europe). You're all most welcome to contribute to the thinking
and express your interest in participating:


List of ideas:

* Automated tools to facilitate the reuse of openly licensed materials
    Reuse scenarios as simple as embedding an image from an open-access
article into a blog post about the paper tend to be complex enough for
(re)users not to always manage providing all the metadata and provenance
information required by the licensing terms. What tools are there that
would allow to embed the image along with all this information? How can
reuse be scaled up?

* Attribution metadata
    Attribution is relevant not only for artistic works, but for scientific
works, data, software,
    and any kind of digital work. It's relevant to discuss, also in
relation to content registries
    above, how such attribution can take place, and what metadata standards
are useful for

* Open standards for open data
    In order to make open data useful on a larger scale, it's not helpful
when municipalities
    or others relese data in different formats to one another! Could there
be some kind of
    (un)official standardisation of open data formats?

* ccREL
    The ccREL standard for expressing Creative Commons licenses was sent to
the W3C in
    2008, and not much work has happened since. It's time to discuss the
relevance of
    ccREL and the continued activities related to ccREL or other standards
for expressing
    the licenses of open *, such as the possibility of using ODRL profiles.

* Hackathon
    Spend a few hours creating useful software products for the CC

* Metadata/content registries
    There's a lot of interest in this from industry groups; we need to
enable content registries
    to work with open standards and public APIs in a distributed manner.


[*] Name subject to change.
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