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This sounds interesting. Can we spread this further?


On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 03:42:45PM +0200, Jonas Öberg wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm new to this list and for those of you who don't know me, I'm a Fellow
> of the Shuttleworth Foundation working on technologies and metadata for
> attribution and licensing information of digital works. I previously worked
> for Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation Europe.
> As you may know, Creative Commons has in the past organised a series of
> technology summits but the last one was too many years ago and so myself
> and a few others have started drafting some plans for a more general
> Commons Technology Summit[*].
> I'm including a list of the currently proposed topics for such a summit
> (the tentative date of which is sometime towards the end of the year,
> somewhere in Europe). You're all most welcome to contribute to the thinking
> and express your interest in participating:
>    http://okfnpad.org/ctechsummit
> List of ideas:
> * Automated tools to facilitate the reuse of openly licensed materials
>     Reuse scenarios as simple as embedding an image from an open-access
> article into a blog post about the paper tend to be complex enough for
> (re)users not to always manage providing all the metadata and provenance
> information required by the licensing terms. What tools are there that
> would allow to embed the image along with all this information? How can
> reuse be scaled up?
> * Attribution metadata
>     Attribution is relevant not only for artistic works, but for scientific
> works, data, software,
>     and any kind of digital work. It's relevant to discuss, also in
> relation to content registries
>     above, how such attribution can take place, and what metadata standards
> are useful for
>     this.
> * Open standards for open data
>     In order to make open data useful on a larger scale, it's not helpful
> when municipalities
>     or others relese data in different formats to one another! Could there
> be some kind of
>     (un)official standardisation of open data formats?
> * ccREL
>     The ccREL standard for expressing Creative Commons licenses was sent to
> the W3C in
>     2008, and not much work has happened since. It's time to discuss the
> relevance of
>     ccREL and the continued activities related to ccREL or other standards
> for expressing
>     the licenses of open *, such as the possibility of using ODRL profiles.
> * Hackathon
>     Spend a few hours creating useful software products for the CC
> community.
> * Metadata/content registries
>     There's a lot of interest in this from industry groups; we need to
> enable content registries
>     to work with open standards and public APIs in a distributed manner.
> Sincerely,
> Jonas
> [*] Name subject to change.

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