[okfn-labs] Open Courts went live in Slovakia

Matej Kurian kurian at transparency.sk
Tue Jul 30 11:51:02 UTC 2013


Open Courts (http://bit.ly/OpenCourts for google translate; otherwise 
www.otvorenesudy.sk), a project co-developed by Transparency Slovakia 
went live yesterday. To my best knowledge, it is one of the first 
portals dealing with bringing easy access to judicial data and some 
comparison on justices' performance.

The site brings at least 5 different data sources together and provides 
easy access to profiles of judges, courts as well as more than 500k 
rulings, all of them searchable. As on Open Contracts, users can create 
notification for new data, based on their preferences.

See a short roundup in the Slovak Spectator - 

Open Courts run on Ruby and the code is available here: 

We are also looking into potential partnerships/grants to continue our 
works on the project.

Let me know what you think!

Matej Kurian
programovy koordinator
Transparency International Slovensko
kurian at transparency.sk


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