[okfn-labs] Ideas for data mashups and improved visualisation for CKAN

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Gavin, Friedrich et al-


The Open Indicators Consortium, a loose federation of 18 data projects in
the US (members here
<http://info.oicweave.org/projects/weave/wiki/OIC_Members> ) has been
working for four years with the UMass Lowell Institute for Visualization and
Perception Research <http://www.uml.edu/Research/IVPR/about.aspx>  to
develop Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment) an open
source data visualization platform you may have heard of.   See details and
access the code at www.oicweave.org and documentation at our wiki --
info.oicweave.org <http://www.info.oicweave.org>   Source code at


Recent projects in Weave include:

.         an Analysts' Work Station that integrates R and Weave into a user
friendly system; 

.         ADA Compliance for the visualizations; 

.         Collaboration which allows multiple users to come together and
work on a data set with audio, video and chat capabilities; 

.         code to allow Weave and its infrastructure for session state and
data management to connect with the multitude of JS libraries available,
some of which Friedrich refers to; and 

.         Infomaps which connects to an maps results of searches of Internet
bibliographic databases related to key words in the data one is exploring. 


We have at any time 15 or more students in the IVPR lab working on the
project, with four Google Summer of code students on it this summer, and 18
OIC members around the US implementing Weave in our web sites ( list of
links here
ting_Weave> ). 


We are always looking for partners and to get Weave integrated into other
open source packages.  We think this would make an ideal visualization
platform and tremendous enhancement for CKAN.  


Let me know if you would like to set up a Webex meeting with Georges
Grinstein our PI to explore possibilities.


Jim Farnam  jf at farnamllc.com 

Connecticut Data Collaborative


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Hi all,


We would like to massively improve the data explorer and visualisation
functionality on CKAN and are looking at open-source libraries and toolkits
we may be able to use.


Our brief is as follows:  


Search and select data from CKAN, overlay datasets the data to create
mashups, and present these in an engaging and easy-to-use embeddable visual
format.  Data would also include geospatial. Data could include transport,
air quality, energy usage / resource efficiency, and licensing of premises /


There have been some cool new initiatives from infogr.am, Dataseed and
Datawrapper.de. There are also some great geospatial visualisation
libraries, like Kartograph.


Our interest is in open source solutions to look at:


1. Managing diverse data alignment for the mashup; 2. Outputting that data
to an embeddable visualisation.


We can build on Recline and improve it, or we can work with another existing
library that offers us greater flexibility.  We don't want to start from
scratch, though.


We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions as we look to the next
generation of CKAN data explorer.


Thanks and appreciated





Gavin Chait

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