[okfn-labs] proposal for crowdsourcing model to create location-based open-data

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Mon Mar 4 15:08:10 UTC 2013

Hi Mohamed,

Have you heard about OpenStreetMap? [1][2] It seems very similar to  
the idea that you describe. You can also join to some discussion list  
or an IRC channel of the project, to get some help. Maybe there is a  
comunity that may contact near to your place.



El 04/03/2013, a las 06:50 AM, Mohammed Saleh escribió:

> Dear All
> we working in a crowdsourcing project , that could help make  
> implemnting the project of  OKF more
> easier .
> The core idea , is merging google map with the wiki technology in  
> an attempt to build
> an updated crowdsourcing model , by this we will gurantee  
> ( updated   flow of information )
> unlike crowdmap and Ushahidi , the content here is open for  
> updateing by anyone
> the project will be powerfull in creating open data specially that  
> is Location-based .
> I posting this here , want to know  your opinions ?
> Regards
> Mohammed Hashim
> From: Tim Davies <tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk>
> To: open-development at lists.okfn.org
> Sent: Sunday, 3 March 2013, 22:57
> Subject: [open-development] Working group call - follow up
> Hello all,
> We had a great Working Group call on Tuesday, with 14 people from  
> across the world joining the call, and a number of others  
> contributing through e-mail and Etherpad.
> Notes from the meeting can be found at http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg  
> and I've pasted in the introductions to everyone who was on the  
> call below (as one of the big things we've identified is that  
> members would like to know more about the 200+ people on this list).
> To summarise the call and potential actions (some discussed on the  
> call, some extra ideas):
> Outreach to bring more people into the conversation was a big  
> theme. A number of people volunteered to act as local outreach  
> volunteers or local leaders in their regions.
> Action: Anyone attending relevant local or regional events to  
> promote the group at these. Land Coalition and others to consider  
> inviting members to join the working group. Ask the list for  
> resources you need to help promoting the working group.
> Increasing knowledge sharing and networking - there wasn't  
> consensus on having a LinkedIn group (though I would point everyone  
> to the sister Open Development Google+ group set up by Wayan Vota  
> at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116341375754355594168)  
> but there was a real interest in more knowledge sharing.
> Action: if you've got open-development news - share it by sending  
> to open-development at lists.okfn.org. If you've not told everyone the  
> list what you are up to recently, then share an update with the list.
> Possible action: set up a spreadsheet listing all the members of  
> the WG list, with space to add details on interests and projects
> Funded projects - Matthew Smith introduced the possibility of some  
> capacity building funds for the group. We agree to work up concrete  
> proposals over March that we could then discuss. We identified key  
> goals for these proposals:
> (a) Building the open development field;
> (b) Building southern ownership of open development agenda;
> (c) Capacity building;
> (d) Meeting a demonstrated demand;
> I've set up a template for working up proposals here: http:// 
> okfnpad.org/opendevwg-proposal and started one on having a  
> fellowship scheme here: http://okfnpad.org/opendevwg-proposal- 
> fellowships
> If you have a proposal you would like the group to consider, then  
> take the template, set up your own etherpad, and let the list know  
> about it so that we can collaborate on plans.
> Regular web-conversations - Tariq K offered to experiment with some  
> live web chats on Google+. This sounds like a great idea.
> Action: Anyone who wants to help Tariq, or with suggestions for  
> topics, let him know. We should schedule one of these in soon.
> I'll also send specific e-mails on different of these actions in  
> the coming week to help us move forward next steps - but please  
> don't wait for me before getting started on any actions you can  
> give a few minutes too...
> All the best
> Tim
> Tim Davies - consultant for aidinfo, open data researcher (http:// 
> www.opendataresearch.org/), web science PhD student
> Carlos Iglesias - open data consultant spain; working with WF to  
> create methods for assess readiness of countries for open data  
> initiatives; also conducting studies of open data readiness around  
> the world; web standards and ICT for social and economic  
> development with SB Consulting;
> Christophe - DANS, Den Haag - working on open data and linked data  
> - in low bandwidth context
> Claudia - OKF Germany - lobyying for aid transparency with german  
> government and NGOs
> Kate Chapman- Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)- (based in  
> Jakarta) HOT works with government and communities to help them  
> collect open geographic data for disaster preparedness and response.
> Laura - working on LandPortal.info - looking at how landportal  
> could gather and share open data...
> Matthew Smith - International Development Reseach Centre - Canada -  
> Ottowa based. Funding research for development projects; research  
> that needs to be communicated to other practitioners; 'Information  
> and networks' team;
> Neil Sorensen - International Land Coalition - NGOs, Civil Society,  
> Research Institutes, Many UN Agencies - ILC Council made 'open  
> development' an official priority of the organisation. Goal: secure  
> equiable access to and control over land... Making land transparent  
> can help us to introduce these
> Tin - Web Oberations for ILC - work closely with LandMatrix project.
> Raed Sharif - Tononto based - PhD, teaching and working on ODDC  
> project. Worked with open access movement for many years - in the  
> last 5 years or so focussing on open data and knowledge for social  
> change and development in Africa and Middle East. Done extensive  
> research on these issue in South Africa.  Interest in continued  
> work in this field.
> Victor de Boer- VU Amsterdam - worked on open development projects  
> - voice based access for farmers in Africa (http://mvoices.eu/).  
> Also a project on Linked Data for IDS(w/ Christophe)  
> (api2lod.appspot.com)Supervising two MSc projects in this field -  
> Linked Open Data for IATI; Linked Data for Land Portal.
> Mark Herringer - open development practitioner and social  
> entrepreneur. developing http://www.konekta.info/ Geolocation and  
> access to community services. https://github.com/konekta/where-is- 
> when-is/issues
> Felipe Estefan - Open Government at World Bank Institute: Open  
> Contracting, Open Budgeting and Open Development Technology Alliance
> Mariana - Uruguay - D.A.T.A - Open Data, Transparency and Access to  
> Information.  DATA promotes human development through the creation,  
> use and innovation on Open Data based technology
> John Weeks - Project Coordinator for Open Development Cambodia.  
> Providing and collating public sector news and legal data, with a  
> particular emphasis on mapping. http://opendevcam.net/
> -- 
> http://www.timdavies.org.uk/
> 07834 856 303.
> @timdavies
> Co-director of Practical Participation: http:// 
> www.practicalparticipation.co.uk/
> --------------------------
> Practical Participation Ltd is a registered company in England and  
> Wales - #5381958.
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