[okfn-labs] PyBossa - an application where users upload data

Daniel Lombraña González teleyinex at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 07:00:59 UTC 2013

Hi Pawel,

If I've understood you well, your idea is to download the contributions of
the users, and re-use it in another application, or even in the same one,

In this case, I've built some applications that actually do that in a hand
way, but it could be automated without any problems :-) Basically, you need
to create a script that downloads the data from your app and updates the
tasks (if you want to re-use the data in the same application) or creates
new ones in another application.

Bear in mind that you will get several answers from different uses for the
same task (unless you have configured your app to only allow 1 answer per
task), so you should do some statistical analysis (mean of Yes and No to
"close" a task). For example, imagine a task is: Do you see human face in
this photo? And the answers are Yes and No. If you have 3 users checking
each task, then at least two of them should answer the same to solve the
task. One you have done that, you can actually push the changes to the same
task or another one in a different application.

Check the pybossa-client library as it allows you to do all these steps in
a very simple way.



PS: The automated method could be a cron job running a script or if you
prefer a daemon that you can create yourself (it is very simple in Python
and there are several examples on the web).

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 9:55 AM, Paweł Szczęsny <ps at pawelszczesny.org>wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am building an application server with PyBossa for a specific
> project where users are requested to complete several different types
> of tasks along the course of the project. One of the first type of
> task is "data contribution" where users are supposed to upload images,
> enter text and numbers. The collected data will be later used in
> annotation tasks.
> Is there any example PyBossa app where users' contribution is uploaded
> and re-used? If not (I couldn't find it), can you give me some hints
> as where to start?
> Best wishes
> PS
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> Paweł Szczęsny
> www.pawelszczesny.org
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