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Sam Leon sam.leon at okfn.org
Tue Jul 15 10:01:16 UTC 2014

For all of those in Berlin for OKFestival just a quick reminder that the Open
Corporates <http://opencorporates.com/> team are running a series of
#FlashHacks this week as part of their effort to liberate 10 million data
points in 10 days. They've just launched their platform that enables civic
hackers to scrape and push data to the Open Corporates database.

There are events on Wednesday and Thursday so please pop along and help
Open Corporates make a serious dent into the goal of having a URL for every
company in the world:

*Wednesday, 16th July, 1 – 3PM CESTThe OK Germany #FlashHack will be
releasing German data. Sign up here

*Wednesday, 16th July, 3 – 5PM CESTThe Sunlight Foundation #FlashHack will
be releasing political lobbying data. Sign up here

*Thursday, 17th July, 1 – 3PM CESTThe Code for Africa #FlashHack will be
releasing African data. Sign up here

If you're not in Berlin but would still like to help, you can help the
effort by doing one of the following:

   - If you can code in Ruby and/or Python, join
   http://missions.opencorporates.com and sign up! Have a look at the
   datasets we have listed on the Campaign page!
   - If there is a dataset you think we should include in this, please put
   that down here. Sign up to a mission! Send a tweet pledge to say you have
   taken on a mission. Write the bot and submit on the platform.
   - Tweet your success with the #FlashHacks tag!


P.s. More information on the #FlashHacks campaign can be found on the Open
Knowledge blog:


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