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Ingmar Schlecht ingmar.schlecht at unibas.ch
Mon Aug 17 07:59:13 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

not sure if this is the right forum, but given that discuss.okfn.org 
currently lacks the "new topic" button [1], I dare to post this here.

Does any of you know / has worked with "dat", the Git for data, already? 
What are your experiences? Do you think it has potential to become THE 
versioning for data software out there? It looks like a handy tool to me 
but I can't really judge the maturity of the project and software, so I 
would be interested in your comments.


Interestingly, when searching for "Data Versioning" in google the first 
result still is a text on Data Versioning theory by Rufus: 
http://dataprotocols.org/revisioning-data/ Would be nice to see 
something like that updated to todays possiblilities including the 
potential of things like "dat".


[1] new topic button missing, see the last three replies to: 

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