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On 17 August 2015 at 08:59, Ingmar Schlecht <ingmar.schlecht at unibas.ch>

> Hi folks,


> not sure if this is the right forum, but given that discuss.okfn.org
> currently lacks the "new topic" button [1], I dare to post this here.

Definitely the right place - though the forum is better. I'll respond to
this in the thread here:
https://discuss.okfn.org/t/new-topic-button-missing/945 about the issue you

> Does any of you know / has worked with "dat", the Git for data, already?
> What are your experiences? Do you think it has potential to become THE

I definitely know of it - and I think many others do here. I haven't used
it a lot since early alpha when it was quite rough and ready. I guess my
views here were a bit similar to Pieter's and were summed up in:


> versioning for data software out there? It looks like a handy tool to me
> but I can't really judge the maturity of the project and software, so I
> would be interested in your comments.
> http://dat-data.com/

I'm definitely excited about it - I think the question is using it vs e.g.
git + simple csv (for me at least atm)

Interestingly, when searching for "Data Versioning" in google the first
> result still is a text on Data Versioning theory by Rufus:
> http://dataprotocols.org/revisioning-data/ Would be nice to see something
> like that updated to todays possiblilities including the potential of
> things like "dat".

@Ingmar: good point. Max Ogden was a contributor to Data Protocols and it
would be good to update that page (pull requests welcome!). There are also
associated pages like http://dataprotocols.org/sleep/ - if you are not
aware SLEEP was actually part of the early planning and inspiration for dat
I think and Max and I had many conversations over the years about this.


> Cheers
> Ingmar
> [1] new topic button missing, see the last three replies to:
> https://discuss.okfn.org/t/discuss-okfn-org-moved-to-an-open-knowledge-sysadmin-server/236/11
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