[okfn-labs] NYC Data Brewery Invitation

Stefan Urbanek stefan.urbanek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 20:15:45 UTC 2015


If you or your friends are based in the NYC area, I would like to invite
you to the very first Data Brewery meetup that will happen next Tuesday,


I think it might be very useful for the open data community – to learn some
data warehousing concepts.

Description of the group (from the meetup.com):

*We are exploring answers for questions such as: How do you know that the
> data you are looking at is the data you think you are looking at? How fast
> can a domain expert, but very likely a technical layperson, get
> understandable answers to his/her questions if there are so many ways and
> places where your data is stored? How you make sure that your reports will
> not be disrupted when you change any of the internal systems to a different
> kind?*

> *Data Brewery is a knowledge sharing and sometimes lightly hacking
> community around data warehousing and its application. Anyone is welcome,
> whether you have small data or big data, whether your data is open or not,
> whether you are non-profit organisation or a corporation.*

> *The topics are mostly about master data management, data quality,
> conceptual data modelling, metadata and ETL. We bring together data users
> (not necessarily with technical background) and data engineers to share
> their stories, ask questions and come up with solutions. *

> *From time-to-time we will also be talking about or lightly hacking on
> data warehousing libraries and applications. We are putting together a
> collection of open-source tools that anyone would be able to use to help
> them with their data problems. Language of our choice is Python.*

Looking forward to see you on one of the meetups.

Feel free to forward to someone or to a group that you think might be


I brew data.

Twitter: @Stiivi
Home: http://www.stiivi.com
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