[okfn-labs] Open contact/POI service

Donald McLean dmclean62 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 19:57:06 UTC 2015

So, I'm not sure if this would be practical, but it seems like it could be

There are lots of places that collect address and phone number information,
but for the most part, they are primarily concerned with monetizing their
assets and not so much about standards, interoperability, or usability. And
let's not talk about how painful the main web sites of many franchise
companies can be.

So it made me wonder if there might be an open source way of collecting
business and government address and phone number information and provide a
simple, low-bandwidth interface for people to search it, as well as some
sort of standards based way of downloading the information into contact
apps (vCard?). Or even apps that could load "phone books" for different
localities and/or business types.

Or is this just an impossible pipe dream?
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