[okfn-labs] Labs Hangout today: Dataship

Daniel Fowler daniel.fowler at okfn.org
Thu Aug 18 08:54:39 UTC 2016


This is just a reminder that we're having our monthly Labs Hangout
today at the normal hour (Thursday at 5pm London time).  Our special
guest will be Waylon Flinn who will talk about Dataship, a new
platform for in-browser data analysis (think Jupyter Notebooks, but
more collaborative).  The motivating goal behind Dataship is to make
it "as easy to share data and analysis as it is to share pictures of
your breakfast" :).

Give it a try: https://dataship.io/

Please register your interest in attending the hangout on the forum topic:


Learn more about the project by reading our Case Study:


Remember, you can chat during the hangout (or any time) on our Gitter channel:




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