[OKFN-NL] There's Joy to be Found in Stats

Hanna McLean mclean at ejc.net
Tue May 29 12:53:08 UTC 2012

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to quickly direct your attention to a great new post that has
been shared on DataDrivenJournalism.net. It's a video with professor Hans
Rosling walking you through the joy of stats. In this very entertaining
one-hour documentary Hans Rosling explains the civic, scientific, cultural
and social value of statistics and stresses out the importance of being
able to communicate them in plain language. Watch the video

Also, I would like to quickly remind you all that when using Twitter,
please be sure to use the #ddj hashtag when mention anything about data
driven journalism or if you want to stay in touch with people from the data
journalism community. A few of you have already picked up on this little
detail, but for those who have not, don't forget to start using #ddj for
your tweets.

Have a wonderful day!


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