[OKFN-NL] Contacting Dorothy/ Nairobi contacts

k.brzezinska at xs4all.nl k.brzezinska at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 26 13:32:43 UTC 2013

Hey Rob,

Thanks, that would be great if you can manage it. (I didn't mean to barge
in like that, so would appc the intro email, indeed!)

I just realised it's bloody nearly July, and I need to get moving in terms
of finding work, getting that article out, etc. You know how time flies if
you don't take the bull by the horns. You end up with the horns in your

Today i had a sort of interview with Aynur Cecik, who works at the city
district organisation that plays a major role in overseeing the
disbursement of subsidy funding for local/neighboorhood projects. (My
social worker, impressed by my diplomatic refusal to be used as a private
secretary by my boss, gave my name to Aynur to see if I could play a role
in making the disbursement a bit more open, rather than it always going to
the same people and the same projects. I see it as a chance to get a bit
of experience with local politics, funding decisions and M&E. ;-) Can't

But I must look ahead. I don't want to be in the same situation in six
months' time.

Off to have a bite and then to a meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation-
its a meeting to look into government data, especially companies managing
trust and hedge funds that seem to be used for evading taxation in other
countries. Hmmm!!

be good, and have fun!

Cheers, K.

On Wed, June 26, 2013 13:35, Robert Ritzenthaler wrote:
> Hey there. I can put you in touch with intro email...will send this
> morning (arrived in DC last eve...)
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> Rob,
> By the way, since i know you are busy and so forth, I may (if I don't hear
> from you before I get down to business, hopefully next week) just go ahead
> and send her an email directly via the website, and mention that you and I
> discussed the possibility of me contacting her, and that if she has any
> doubts about it she can discuss it with you. I won't put it so bluntly, of
> course.
> Okay, that's all for just now. This morning I was looking at my photos and
> it woke up all my excitement again. I want to get my apartment done now,
> and put back together so I can get on with the important things: writing,
> working, traveling, and doing what needs to be done. Free and serene in
> 2013!!
> Enjoy your visit, and eat a plazaburger for me!
> cheers, Karen

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