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Sat Dec 28 11:25:05 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

( I originally meant to send this specifically to the people in the To:
field, as I've contacted them earlier. But I'm also cc:ing this to the okfn
norway mailing list in the event there are other interested people in this )

Many apologies if this announcement and introduction comes a bit late -
let's say I got kidnapped for the holidays.

Markus Petteri Laine, who's been quite active in OKFN Finland - and also
very much in the documenting of OKFN Finland's doings, is now in Oslo
visiting his partner, for the Holidays.
He leaves again on the 6th of January.

I thought that it could be rather interesting for open data around Oslo to
perhaps meet with Petteri.

While I don't want to dictate Petteri's interests or doings - we're all
very modest here in the Nordics :) - I could imagine it could be
interesting for the others to hear of how the Finnish scene evolved, what's
happening - funnily enough, there are a bunch of data related meetups in
helsinki these days (and perhaps not that many other ones :) , and there
are some interesting initiatives, such as the crowdsourcing legislation
platform Petteri has been involved in - Open Ministry
http://openministry.info/ .

Again, in all Nordic modesty, I don't want to say that what's happening in
Finland is greatly fantastic, but at least some stories of how things got
going, and where they are now, in Finland, could be helpful knowledge for

- Heather Broomfield is the data.norge.no coordinator.
- Olav Øvrebø is a journalist and lecturer, having worked with open data
topics for several years, and done a lot of open data related things.
- Stathis Konstantinidis is the OKFN ambassador to Norway.
- Svein-Magnus Sørensen is the oslo data meetup coordinator.
- Christian Villum is one of the OKFN Local coordinators (from and in
Denmark )

So, meeting up is greatly encouraged, if there's time.
(Sorry, again, for the late notification about this, from this end ).

All the best,


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