[Okfn-no] Nordic Open Data Ecosystem facebook group

miska knapek contactmiska at knapek.org
Wed Apr 9 12:47:52 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

A Facebook group Nordic OKF cooperation and collaboration has just been set

You're all eminently welcome to talk local or Nordic collaboration here:

( Yes, I realise it's facebook - I stayed off facebook until 6 months ago,
as I'm, well, not the biggest of fans of companies like facebook. But,
well, sometimes one needs to be able to do conversations in a forum where
the public can see them.
When an open source decentralised platform - eg. the
http://dcentproject.eu/platform is functional, we could swap to there.

For the moment, for those not interested in using facebook, I send me your
messages and i'll post them, and send you the replies.
Hope that's some sort of workable compromise. )

 Welcome ;)


miska michael knapek - your local illusionist (designer)
mob. +358-50-320-2616
web: http://knapek.org
animations: http://vimeo.com/miska
images: http://flickr.com/miska_too/sets
code/github: https://github.com/miskaknapek
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