[Okfn-no] thoughts on the Nordic Cooperation calls?

Christian Villum christian.villum at okfn.org
Tue May 27 11:02:46 UTC 2014

Hi Miska, hi all,

I'm a big +1 on keeping this spark in the hay alive. While it may seem hard
for all of us to squeeze in more "work" in our already crowded diaries
(here too!), I do think there there is a lot to gain for all of our
groupings by being in contact with each other. I even think that just
having regular monthly or bi-monthly update-calls (without the need to
start new projects together as the only purpose) would be really useful and
give us all a sense of nordic unity (network-building, experience exchange,
etc. - in other words, synergies!). If we can build such a basic network
activity, then shared projects might grow from that later on in an organic
fashion. First we build the foundation, later we (may) build the house.

Miska has been really great at getting this off the ground, but like all of
us he's a volunteer and it should not fall on his shoulders alone to keep
the fire burning :) In other words, to keep this basic nordic network
afloat, it's up to us all to take a little share upon our shoulders and
show some enthusiasm! In the nordics we have so much potential to work
together and be connected, and it would be such a pity if we indirectly
isolate ourselves by not chatting every now and then. It will not require a
lot of work from each of us if we all chip in with a little effort (for
instance by attending the update calls every month or every second month).
That simple engagement will bring us a long way, I'm sure!

I would love to hear from all countries/people in this thread about what
you think and whether you are up for being part in taking this forward - or
whether we should stop filling up your inbox :) (asking to be dropped from
the thread is quite okay of course, frankness goes a long way).

All the best from sunny Copenhagen,



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On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 11:14 AM, miska knapek <contactmiska at knapek.org>wrote:

> Dear Nordic bunch,
> Hope you’re all doing well.
> I regret that people were unavailable and that there was only three of us
> during the last Open Knowledge Nordics online meetup. I guess it’s a busy
> time of year for all of us.
> In any event, I think there is much to gain from keeping contact and
> collaborating. All projects start slow - but think there’s much good that
> can come out of this collaboration. I’m not saying this because I’m getting
> paid for this to succeed or that there’s some ego issue. I’m using my spare
> time to try help openness projects, and I think this one can have a lot of
> good in it.
> In the Nordic countries we’ve got a lot of similarities that can help us
> work together, and also different situations, which we can help to develop
> knowledge and practices for open practice.
> There's quite a number of projects coming up that we could collaborate on.
> Already now OKF Finland and Sweden are collaborating on the FOIa platform
> Froide (Iceland - teeempted yet?).
> What do you guys think?
> Does it make sense to continue collaborating?
> What would you suggest that we do to improve the collaboration?
> The next call should be on Wednesday the 4th June, 10:00 CET.
> Hope people will be there.
> yours,
> miska
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