[Okfn-se] OKF Nordics Ecosystem - wednesday 18th 11:00 CET - Skype session on a Nordic School of Data

miska knapek contactmiska at knapek.org
Wed Jun 11 17:54:41 UTC 2014

Hello everyeone,

Ok, so it seems that we can catch a lot of people on Wednesday the 18th at
11:00 CET, regarding trying to put a Nordic School of Data together.

Very good - am much excited, in a open society geeky way.

So, in terms of *practicalities* :

- Kindly put your name and skype contact details in the OKF Nordics
etherpad, somewhere after line 11, where it's written "*Attending:*" I'll
add you to the call. ( Alternatively, add me as a contact on skype ( i'm
'mknapek') and I'll add you to the call :)

- Feel very encouraged to propose, and/or comment on, suggestions of what
we could look at, and what a Nordic School of Data could be, etc...

( Yes, sorry about using proprietary technology - those pesky firewalls
stop all too much. Skype seems to have a few years' experience evading
firewalls though... )

And, well, let's do it :)

Consider yourselves warmly welcome!

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