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Adi Eyal adi at burgercom.co.za
Tue Sep 11 10:01:34 UTC 2012

Hi All

As a community, it make sense for us to take stock of what information is
available in South Africa. Part of that role is being played by the ODADI
CKAN repository (http://data.codingfordemocracy.org and the continent-wide
mirror http://africaopendata.org). We don't currently have a repository for
data that isn't available in a public space. I have put together a simple
spreadsheet where we can start creating this directory. This can serve as a
bucket-list for any scrape-a-thons that may be hosted in the future or just
target practice for any bored techies who want to share an intimite Friday
night with their machine and a box of pizza.

The url to the spreadsheet is:

I've added one record as an example. Feel free to add more.

Also comments and suggestions are welcome - especially if something like
this already exists and I've missed it.


Adi Eyal
Data Specialist
phone: +27 78 014 2469
skype: adieyalcas
linkedin: http://za.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Adi/Eyal
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