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Jerome draco7virtus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 10:20:45 UTC 2014

Well, your point is very valid if democratic elections were indeed truely
democratic. In the US for example there are no democratic elections. Both
the democrats and the republicans are rowing the same boat but just on
opposite sides... covertly... reason is, the corporate and maybe political
elite realised long ago that in order to maintain their status quo and
wealth and financial interests, they need to make the citizens BELIEVE that
they have a choice.
If you don't believe me, check out what Ron Paul has to say about this.
Similar opinions. He's much more reputable than myself.
There is no reason to believe that most other countries are any different,
really.. If mostly good people ran the world we wouldnt have all the shit
that's going on. Logic.
Bad and corrupt people disguised as the opposite, are mostly running this
True, with enough pressure from the citizens governments often give in, as
they dont really have many other choices... but then they could also
PRETEND to give in...
You know.
Like the current battle for internet freedom. Obama seems to support
internet freedom for all, but does he really support it behind the scenes?
Money money money, and control. That's what it is all about for the
powerful elite, at least for most of them. You get the good ones but they
are too few.

For this initiative to work properly, we need to get millions of people
around the globe to support it.
Like Anonymous. They were only known as computer hackers some years ago,
now they are knows as much more than just that. It is an IDEA, shared by
ALL GOOD people. Corrupt governments are being forced more and more to
answer to Anonymous.
Why? Because the support for Anonymous has grown from a couple hundred, to
millions. That's why. And they have marches at least once a year.
Mainstream media MOSTLY ignores them, but it is clear that corrupt people
and governments, fear them.
Strength in numbers. Once you have millions of supporters around the world,
this initiative will be much more effective, because it will send the
message out that the people on earth want open government, nothing less.
But having a relatively small support base, and sending people to
governments to go hand them requests to be more open. I dont think it will
be very effective. Choose events where people can peacefully protest whilst
maximising their visibility to the mainstream media. Eventually the number
of active supporters will be in the millions.
See what I mean?


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On 20 November 2014 15:51, <mtb at martinb.za.net> wrote:

> I think that what you are talking about goes to the whole core of the
> debate around open data. Governments are in power, true, but they are put
> there (in South Africa's case) by a democratic election. If enough people
> want to find out more, then government will be pressured to do so. So it
> comes down to finding out what people want to know about government, and
> then making them aware of what information is available.
> Or am I being overly naive in assuming that this is part of the major
> hurdle. Obviously there are numerous other considerations as well....
> mtb
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>> Good idea and initiative.
>> Question: We all know that governments are there to serve the citizens of
>> that country, and that many/most governments act in the opposite way
>> because it benefits the ones at the top, the ones in power.
>> What is the benefit of this Open Contracting initiative to those types of
>> governments? Corrupt people CHOSE to be corrupt. Why will they choose to
>> support and follow the Open Contracting idea?
>> The point I'm trying to make is that it's all fantastic if good people
>> take
>> action to improve the world, but in a scenario like this we need the
>> support of both parties. And how do you gain the support of corrupt people
>> and corrupt governments when the idea behind the initiative is to make it
>> more difficult for them to be corrupt?
>> I think this is a valid question.
>> Even if an international law is passed that makes it compulsory for
>> governments to operate under the Open Contracting policy, what stops
>> corruption from continuing on like before?
>> thanks
>> Jerome
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