[okfn-za] Instagram journalism

Hein Bekker netbek at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 04:17:08 UTC 2015

Hey all,

On the topics of newsrooms experimenting with digital and folks using
data for advocacy, here's something that caught my attention:

I imagine one could use short-form features to highlight the relevant
issue(s), or to humanise the numbers, similar to the stories from
Code4SA's project on domestic worker salaries [1]. Publishing on a
social platform in addition to a campaign site might increase the reach.
As pointed out in the article, Instagram is uniquely suited [2]. Of
course, this would require compelling photography to hook viewers, and
writing (more narrative, less news) that keeps them interested.

To further stretch the imagination, see Johnnie Walker's novel[ty]
approach [3], albeit from the world of moneyed not public interests.

[1] http://livingwage.code4sa.org
[2] Facebook feed is algo-filtered and posts seemingly [dis]appear at
random. Text on Twitter is terse. Text as an image on Twitter is doable
but not a great visual hook, IMO. Graphics and photos on Twitter work,
but the UI/presentation isn't as tidy as Instagram's. I suppose one
could argue that documentary work suits Instagram's use as a visual
archive better, in contrast to Twitter's firehose of ephemera.
[3] https://instagram.com/johnnie_walker_instarace



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