[Open-access] Looking again at “Big Deal” scholarly journal packages

E. Hoorn E.Hoorn at rug.nl
Tue Feb 19 12:36:07 UTC 2013

Dear all,

In regard to this article it might be useful to know that transparancy
about the big deals is recommended by the EU recommendation:

*on access to and preservation of scientific information*

{SWD(2012) 221 final} {SWD(2012) 222 final}








/Open access to scientific publications/

1. Define clear policies for the dissemination of and open access to
scientific publications resulting from publicly funded research. These
policies should provide


– concrete objectives and indicators to measure progress;

– implementation plans, including the allocation of responsibilities;

– associated financial planning.


Ensure that, as a result of these policies:

– there should be open access to publications resulting from publicly funded

research as soon as possible, preferably immediately and in any case no

than six months after the date of publication, and twelve months for social

sciences and humanities;

– *licensing systems contribute to open access to scientific
publications resulting*

*from publicly-funded research in a balanced way*, in accordance with and

without prejudice to the applicable copyright legislation, and encourage

researchers to retain their copyright while granting licences to publishers;

– the academic career system supports and rewards researchers who

in a culture of sharing the results of their research, in particular by

open access to their publications and by developing, encouraging and using

new, alternative models of career assessment, metrics and indicators;

– *transparency is improved, in particular by informing the public about*

*agreements between public institutions or groups of public institutions

*publishers for the supply of scientific information.**This should

*agreements covering the so-called ‘big deals’, i.e. bundles of print and*

*electronic journal subscriptions offered at discounted price*;

– small and medium-sized enterprises and unaffiliated researchers have the

widest and cheapest possible access to scientific publications of the
results of

research that receives public funding.

Best regards,

On 19-2-2013 0:47, Velichka Dimitrova wrote:
> Dear all,
> Today Joshua Gans, Professor of Strategic Management and member of the
> Open Economics Advisory Panel writes about the "Big Deal" packages in
> publishing:
> http://openeconomics.net/2013/02/18/looking-again-at-big-deal-scholarly-journal-packages/
> Based on the results of Odlyzko
> <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2211874>, there is
> evidence for increased availability of journals as the marginal cost
> of providing an additional journal to libraries is zero in the
> publishers' bundles.
> There are however "wrinkles to all of this" - libraries are being
> squeezed as eventhough the share spent on publisher deals has
> increased, their overall budgets have shrunk. There is also an
> argument that publishers have now transferred the functions of
> libraries (as well as the libraries' money) to themselves.
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