[Open-access] Fwd: Muthu Madhan wins the EPT Award

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Mon Feb 3 17:12:17 UTC 2014

Drar Dr Dar:

Here is some good news. Our esteemed colleague and friend, Muthu Madhan of
ICRISAT, has been selected as a joint winner for this year's EPT Award for
Open Access. Please see the mail he has received from the Chairman of EPT,
Prof. Derek Law. This news is worth sharing with the entire CGIAR community.



From: Derek Law [mailto:d.law at strath.ac.uk]
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 1:10 AM
To: franc at library.iisc.ernet.in; Madhan, M (ICRISAT-IN)
Cc: 'Patrick Corran'
Subject: RE: Nomination for EPT award

Dear Mr Madhan,

The judging panel for the 2013 EPT Award for Contributions to Open Access
has now considered the nominations
submitted to it and reached its decisions. Unusually, the high quality of
nominations has led the panel to declare
a joint winner for the first time.

It is then with the very greatest pleasure that I write to tell you that
you have been selected as joint winner of the 2013
EPT Award for Open Access, following your nomination by Dr Francis
The joint winner with you is Rosemary  Otando, Systems Librarian, EIFL
Country and Open Access Coordinator at the
University of Nairobi Library in, Kenya.

We shall be in touch shortly with more information and to discuss how the
award can best be made so that your
distinctive contribution can be recognised as widely as possible.

With congratulations and every good wish
Yours sincerely
Derek Law
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