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*Recipients of the EPT Open Access Awards 2013*

Posted on February 5,
 by Leslie Chan <http://epublishingtrust.net/author/chan_uts_6195ca_3606/>

The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development
is pleased to announce the winner of its 3rd Annual Award in recognition of
the effort made by individuals working in the developing and emerging
countries in the furtherance of Open Access (OA) to scholarly publications.

This year, the trust received 10 nominations from a broad spread of
countries (Armenia, Egypt, India, Kenya) and covering a very varied range
of work. The panel members were impressed by the high standard of
nominations, and in the end were unable to decide between two, so
declaredMuthu Madhan, India, and Rosemary  Otando, Kenya, as joint winners.

Muthu Madhan is Manager, Library and information Services, ICRISAT,
Hyderabad 502324, India,and has been highly influential in promoting Open
Access within the Indian research community and been heavily involved in
setting up many open access repositories - to date he has been instrumental
in setting up at least 10 repositories including one for data,  and in
developing  mandatory repository deposition for  all Institute publications
in two institutions [see for example http://oar.icrisat.org,
His solid achievements in driving the establishment of 'green' open access
in India make him a worthy recipient of the award.

Rosemary Otando is Systems Librarian, and EIFL Country and Open Access
Coordinator in the University of Nairobi Library , Nairobi, Kenya. She has
led OA activities in Kenya, raising awareness among different academic
groups, and been instrumental in establishing the University of Nairobi
Open Access Policy and repository [seehttp://erepository.uonbi.ac.ke/]. In
addition she has been active in training, and in facilitating an initiative
which has led to the establishment of 20 institutional repositories.

In their own different ways, both Muthu Madan and Rosemary Otando are
playing critical roles in establishing OA in their different academic

The award will be presented to each of them at a suitable event later in
the year.
The panel also awarded certificates of commendation to two further
applicants, Mandy Taha, Egypt,and (jointly) to Tigran Zargaryan and Tigran
Zakaryan, Armenia.

Mandy Taha, Senior Librarian and Project Leader, IFLA Center for Arabic
Speaking Libraries in the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, has taken a leading
role in supporting and publicising Open Access in Egypt and Tunisia , work
which is already having an impact on OA in her region [see
http://www.openaccessweek.org/profile/MandyTaha]. She has participated in
training in Tunisia and Egypt [
http://alexlibrarians2.wordpress.com/course-program/congratulations/], and
established a series of seminars and talks to popularise OA among
University students and staff.

Tigran Zargaryan and Tigran Zakaryan, National Library of Armenia, Armenia,
have been active in raising awareness and advocating Open Access in Armenia
and have set up an Open Access journals' portal linked to a National
Research Repository containing all of the Armenian scholarly journals
published by the Armenian Academy of
as well as repositories at other institutes.
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