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Here is an article in Havard Gazette which tells us how useful an OA
repository is - to schools, cash strapped colleges, to people living in
countries with political barriers, poor people for whom even getting a
photocopy made is difficult, family members of patients, and so on.


Often I hear publisher friends asking why would the public need to consult
scholarly and scientific journals. They should read this article!

I am very glad that both DBT and DST (in India) are planning to make all
research resulting from the support provided by them open access. Already
CSIR has made much of its research open access. ICAR had come up with a
policy but only a few of their institutions have set up thei own OA
repositories. The Science Academies and the research councils have made
their journals OA. On the whole, India seems to be moving in the right
direction. Of course, we could be moving faster.

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