[Open-access] Paperity launched. The 1st multidisciplinary aggregator of OA journals & papers

Marcin Wojnarski mwojnarski at paperity.org
Thu Oct 9 12:52:55 UTC 2014

(press release, apologies for cross-posting)

*With the beginning of the new academic year, Paperity 
<http://paperity.org>, the first multidisciplinary aggregator of Open 
Access journals and papers, has been launched. Paperity will connect 
authors with readers, boost dissemination of new discoveries and 
consolidate academia around open literature.*

Right now, Paperity <http://paperity.org> (http://paperity.org/) 
includes over 160,000 open articles, "gold" and "hybrid", from 2,000 
scholarly journals, and growing. The goal of the team is to cover - with 
the support of journal editors and publishers - 100% of Open Access 
literature in 3 years from now. In order to achieve this, Paperity 
utilizes an original technology for article indexing, designed by Marcin 
Wojnarski, a data geek from Poland and a medalist of the International 
Mathematical Olympiad. This technology indexes only true peer-reviewed 
scholarly papers and filters out irrelevant entries, which easily make 
it into other aggregators and search engines.

The amount of scholarly literature has grown enormously in the last 
decades. Successful dissemination became a big issue. New tools are 
needed to help readers access vast amounts of literature dispersed all 
over the web and to help authors reach their target audience. Moreover, 
research is interdisciplinary now and scholars need broad access to 
literature from many fields, also from outside of their core research 
area. This is the reason why Paperity covers all subjects, from 
Sciences, Technology, Medicine, through Social Sciences, to Humanities 
and Arts.

- /There are lots of great articles out there which report new 
significant findings, yet attract no attention, only because they are 
hard to find. No more than top 10% of research institutions have good 
access to communication channels and can share their findings 
efficiently. The remaining 90%, especially authors from developing 
countries and early-career researchers, start from a much lower stand 
and often stay unnoticed despite high quality of their work/ – says 
Wojnarski. He adds that it is not by accident that Paperity partners 
right now with the EU Contest for Young Scientists, the biggest science 
fair in Europe. With the help of Paperity, the Contest wants to improve 
dissemination of discoveries authored by its participants – top young 
talents from all over the continent.

Paperity is the first service of this kind. The most similar existing 
website, PubMed Central, aggregates open journals, too, but is limited 
to life sciences alone. Another related service, the Directory of Open 
Access Journals, does index articles from multiple periodicals and 
different disciplines, but does not provide aggregation, only pure 
indexing: it shows metadata of articles, but for fulltext access 
redirects to external sites. Moreover, both PMC and DOAJ impose strict 
technical requirements on participating journals, which limits the scope 
of aggregation. Paperity adapts to whatever technology a given 
periodical employs.

Paperity website: http://paperity.org/

Marcin Wojnarski, Founder of Paperity, www.paperity.org

Paperity. Open science aggregated.

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