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FYI - I have added this to the Open Acccess to Research Data Timeline. 
Thanks Dagmar.


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Dear Marieke,

I would like to get back to you on your email below that you sent to the 
Open Access mailing list in April (I know I'm terribly late and I fully 
understand if you cannot take my suggestion into account anymore, but 
would like to mention them anyway):

In December 2006, the fledgling European Research Council (ERC) issued a 
Statement on Open Access (attached) that addressed both scientific 
publications and research data. This statement was made more concrete in 
the first issue of the ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open 
Access, with a very clear line on the deposit of research data in 
relevant repositories within 6 months.

Perhaps this could still be integrated in the timeline?

The two documents can also be downloaded from the EC website (in fact, 
the document with the Guidelines from 2007 includes the Statement from 
2006 as annex):

·ERC Scientific Council guidelines for open access 
(17 December 2007)


·ERC Scientific Council Statement on Open Access 
(1 December 2006)


(NB: In the meantime the Guidelines have been revised several times).

Secondly I noticed that the current version of the timeline mentions the 
launch of the RDA twice: under 2013, the first entry is

The first plenary meeting and official launch of Research Data Alliance 
held in Gothenburg, Sweden [https://www.rd-alliance.org/]

and then the fifth entry under 2013 is

Research Data Alliance launched. The first plenary meeting and official 
launch of RDA was held in Gothenburg, Sweden from 18-20 March 2013 .

The one-day public consultation on open research data held in Brussels 
on 2 July 2013 is also listed twice, first as

EC one-day public consultation on open research data held in Brussels 

and then as

EC released the Report on a public consultation on open research data 
held in July 2013 in Brussels 

(the pdf file mentioned in the second entry can be downloaded from the 
page given with the first entry).

Finally, I was surprised to see that the 'Licences for Europe' Working 
Group is listed under 2008:

EC’s Working Group on Text and Data Mining (TDM) Licences for Europe 
Permanent Access to the Records of Science in Europe 

while this working group was alive only during 2013 (first plenary 
meeting on 4 February 2013, final plenary meeting on 13 November 2013).

Hope this might still be useful in some way!

Kind regards,


*Dr. Dagmar MEYER**
*/Policy Adviser/

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Hi Everyone,

As part of our work for the PASTEUR4OA Project 
<http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/> Open Knowledge will be writing a briefing 
paper on Open Access to research data, to form one in a series of 
advocacy papers. Sharing the raw data behind published outputs is a key 
complementary activity to Open Access and the paper will give an 
overview of the benefits, challenges, policy developments and European 
Commission directions in this area.

We will be including a simple visual European timeline showing key 
dates, initiatives and documents in the move towards Open Access to 
research data. As (due to space) the briefing paper timeline will be far 
from comprehensive and will require significant cuts quite a lot of my 
findings will end up on the cutting room floor ;-)I I thought it might 
be useful to share these with you and also ask if there are any 
significant events that have been missed!




Marieke Guy
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