[open-archaeology] Open source GIS: gvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010 Beta 2 out now

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Tue Feb 23 17:30:22 UTC 2010

Dear Anthony,
many thanks for your message: this is exactly one of the key points we would like to discuss with our new Editor-in-Chief to launch Open Archaeometry.
We'll also follow up your open-archaeology at lists.okfn.org list.

Best regards

> Dear PagePress,
> For information: I strongly support this stance. This will complement the Open Science projects which will proliferate in the future
> Yours sincerely
> Ant
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>> dear PagePress,
>> On 19/02/2010 15:28, Open Archaeometry Journal wrote:
>>> *Submit your paper to Open Archaeometry!
>>> *http://www.pagepress.org/arc
>>> Open Archaeometry *[eISSN 2038-0615] is a new, online-only,
>>> international, Open Access peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers
>>> about the analysis of archeological materials using analytical
>>> techniques borrowed from the physical sciences and engineering.
>> I wonder if you'd consider making one of your journals Open Process, as
>> well as Open Access - as described at some length here:
>> http://hackthestate.org/2009/12/16/open-process-academic-publishing-v1-2/
>> Implying that all the details of the peer review process are also made
>> open access; making for a stronger journal with higher quality future
>> submissions, and helping to differentiate your offering from PLoS.
>> good luck,
>> jo
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