[open-archaeology] Blogging about new WG?

Stefano Costa steko at iosa.it
Fri Feb 26 21:00:51 UTC 2010

Il giorno mer, 03/02/2010 alle 12.26 +0100, Jonathan Gray ha scritto:
> It would be great if other WG members (and interested parties) would
> also be willing to blog about the new WG, why it exists, any relevant
> anecdotes etc! 

I'm afraid I've already spammed about it a lot, but I just wanted to
make all working group members aware that yesterday the OKF blog
featured a post by myself about Open Data in Archaeology, why it matters
and links to pages about this group:


Jonathan Gray and I agreed that we as a working group should do more of
this. A good followup would be an evaluation of open archaeological data
already listed in CKAN, and given that some of the authors/maintainers
are already among us, they're more than welcome to write this post.

More about CKAN datasets in another email.


Stefano Costa
http://www.iosa.it/ Open Archaeology
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