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Hi all,
forwarding this message from Sarah Kansa that should be of interest to
many of us. While focused on Open Context it contains several general
indications on publishing archaeological data on the web. Open licensing
is part of the recipe.

These guidelines are also among the first ones targeted to web
publishing rather than creation and management of data (like the ADS
Guides to Good Practice).

Discussion on this topic, especially from people having large digital
collections available, would be more than interesting here.


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> Hi everyone,
> Since the new Google groups format no longer supports attachments, I
> thought I'd send you all a link to the pdf of the working guidelines
> document that we handed out at the ASOR meeting: 
> http://alexandriaarchive.org/publications/Guidelines_ASOR_Workshop_Nov2010.pdf
> Please feel free to discuss this document or send us feedback on how
> it can be improved. We will continue to revise and update it based on
> feedback and developments in the archaeological community. 
> Thanks,
> Sarah

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