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Eric C. Kansa ekansa at ischool.berkeley.edu
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Hi All,

Obviously a PDF isn't the world's greatest format for remixes or 
collaborative edits. This doc was intended for a very conservative and 
non-techie audience, so it's pretty thin on details. We mainly wanted to 
flag a few key issues in this space. I think there may be use in having 
different versions targeted for different audiences.

I'm happy to send editable versions to anyone who wants to set up a wiki 
for collaborative edits. Perhaps this would be a more ideal home 
http://wiki.okfn.org/wg/archaeology ?


On 1/19/2011 3:34 AM, Stefano Costa wrote:
> Hi all,
> forwarding this message from Sarah Kansa that should be of interest to
> many of us. While focused on Open Context it contains several general
> indications on publishing archaeological data on the web. Open licensing
> is part of the recipe.
> These guidelines are also among the first ones targeted to web
> publishing rather than creation and management of data (like the ADS
> Guides to Good Practice).
> Discussion on this topic, especially from people having large digital
> collections available, would be more than interesting here.
> Ciao
> Stefano
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>> Hi everyone,
>> Since the new Google groups format no longer supports attachments, I
>> thought I'd send you all a link to the pdf of the working guidelines
>> document that we handed out at the ASOR meeting:
>> http://alexandriaarchive.org/publications/Guidelines_ASOR_Workshop_Nov2010.pdf
>> Please feel free to discuss this document or send us feedback on how
>> it can be improved. We will continue to revise and update it based on
>> feedback and developments in the archaeological community.
>> Thanks,
>> Sarah
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