[open-bibliography] URNs for National Bib Numbers

William Waites ww at eris.okfn.org
Wed Dec 8 22:07:44 UTC 2010

* [2010-12-08 16:39:49 -0500] Ross Singer <ross.singer at talis.com> écrit:

] So, like Ben pointed out, I think the format for the bnb would be
] something like:
] urn:nbn:gb:bnb-GBA267005
] although following the model that the Germans seem to use, it would
] look more like:
] urn:nbn:gb:bnb:GBA267005

In either case, as far as a service like Bibliographica is concerned I
would propose to take a strategy like we already do with authors and
series and suchlike, and continue to have the data in the store as it
is now, but also put

       owl:sameAs <urn:nbn:gb:bnb:GBA267005>.

That way statements that we have about this subject can be immediately
found through dereferencing, but we still have something IFP-like that
can be used to join across different datasets with information about
the same thing. Likewise for the BL if they put up
e.g. http://bl.uk/bnb/GBA267005. 

I favour the German approach FWIW, it looks more pleasant to my eyes,
but it's not a strong preference.

] I definitely agree with you, re: the downside of using URNs.  I wonder
] if it would be worthwhile to set up a purl like:
] http://purl.org/NET/nbn/gb/bnb/{id}
] where "gb" could route to some nationally appropriate resolver?

I'm down on purl.org these days because they are being very
conservative about implementing CORS. But definitely something along
these lines could be quite useful.

William Waites
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