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Adrian Pohl pohl at hbz-nrw.de
Tue Jun 15 08:53:37 UTC 2010

Dear Open Data friends,

this group's members list on http://wiki.okfn.org/wg/bibliography shows 37 members by now (most of them from Europe and some from the USA). I think it's great that so many people want to advance a widespread Open Data practice in the library world. But to approach this aim we probably need more than discussions on a mailing list and should focus on some key tasks.

I recently agreed to take over the role of a coordinator for this working group. (See http://wiki.okfn.org/wg/guide#WorkingGroupCoordinator for a OKFN group coordinator's tasks.)  
Jonathan and I collected some proposals for topics to be worked on:

* The main motive of this working group is communication and collaboration between different projects which promote Open Bibliographic Data. I find it useful to create and maintain an overview over past and existing projects. The CKAN bibliographic data group is a good starting point for collecting Open Data projects: http://ckan.net/group/bibliographic Some people already became admins to keep that up to date. Anyone else? We might also create an overview over Linked (but not necessary open) Data Projects. I could start with this because we have already collected something... What do you think?
* We should further gather updates and news about Open Bibliographic Data on this mailing list, in the OKFN wiki and in the OKFN blog. The OKFN is always happy about guest blog posts concerning projects and progress in Open Data. So, feel invited to post one.
* Regular virtual meetings: Some time ago we already talked about a date for this meeting(see http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/open-bibliography/2010-February/000000.html and following). The proposed date is: 1st Tuesday of every month at 1600 UK time. There were already concerns raised about holding a phone conference with more than five people. So, the main communication medium would be IRC with the option of using skype, etherpad and the like. If the date isn't OK for too much people we might find another one with doodle. Otherwise the first virtual meeting would be on the 5th of June.
* The most important work to be done ist getting more libraries to open up their data. For this purpose we have already begun working on a flyer which names benefits and potential  of Open Data (http://wiki.okfn.org/Open%20Bibliographic%20Data%20Flyer). Building on that we could create a nice flyer for the web and the real world (i.e. printed). 
* After sensibilizing more and more libraries and librarians for Open Bibliographic Data some legal and technical guidance on how to release catalogue data makes sense. We could work on that respectively collect existing sources on these topics.
* What do you think about an international workshop on Open Bibliographic Data? Sometime in 2011?
* Jonathan pointed out to discuss the future of bibliographic data sharing and looking at different models for sharing data.
* Collecting ideas for interesting reuse projects of open bibliographic data would be useful -- e.g. what would be useful for researchers, library users, ... (This would also be quite helpful for the Open Data flyer.)

What do you think? Any comments or suggestions for other tasks?


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