[open-bibliography] Examples of open bibliographic data

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Apr 29 16:01:16 UTC 2011

Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> wrote:

> I would hope that all of these (and more) are listed as part of the CKAN bibliographic data group:
> http://ckan.net/group/bibliographic

Me too, and this hope might be realized if the resources used to maintain the JISC list
were directed towards the CKAN list and the JISC list then derived from the CKAN list by script,
rather than JISC maintaining its own list with an unsuitable license (CC BY).

> This lives at the OKF, we plan to maintain it in perpetuity, it is
> machine readable, anyone can contribute to it, and it is openly licensed.


> The JISC OBD list is nice for a quick, human-readable overview though

Sure, but I am concerned about the waste of resources to maintain such a list separately from CKAN.
Is the data on the JISC  list entirely derived from the CKAN data?
If so, why not properly acknowledge this to promote CKAN?
And if not, how to get the additional information back to CKAN?
It does not seem useful to be promoting two overlapping lists in this space.
I would rather see all such efforts directed to promoting CKAN.

My questions:

> > -- why is CC BY being used rather than CC0 for a list of public domain facts (who has published what data with what license where?)

> > And what about the new Xref exposure of its 46M records one by one by API?
> > http://www.crossref.org/CrossTech/2011/04/content_negotiation_for_crossr.html
> > Is it open data?
remain to stimulate discussion on the list.

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