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*Wessex Institute of Technology papers published through 2009  
available on Open Access basis in WIT ****Press e-library*

WITPress has announced that, effective immediately, Wessex Institute  
of Technology papers in their e-library published from 1993 through  
2009 are available on an Open Access basis.

The Wessex Institute of Technology is making the papers Open Access in  
order to ensure the widest dissemination of papers presented at  

The WITPress e-library consists of six sets of Transactions containing  
papers presented at Wessex Institute of Technology conferences, as  

    * Biomedicine and Health
    * The Built Environment
    * Ecology and the Environment
    * Engineering Sciences
    * Information and Communication Technologies
    * Modelling and Simulation

A seventh set of Transactions, State of the Art in Science &  
Engineering, contains selected chapters from WITPress books on the  
latest developments in various fields of science and engineering.


*Please follow this link to the **WIT**Press website to see more  
information: *


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