[open-bibliography] The Swedish Library Association to promote open bibliographic data

Anders Söderbäck Anders.Soderback at sub.su.se
Mon May 16 10:20:35 UTC 2011

At it’s annual member meeting Thursday last week, the Swedish Library Association decided to add promotion of free, shareable, open bibliographic data to it’s Orientation of Activities for 2012-2013. This addition was suggested by Christina Persson, head of the Gothenburg city library, and was approved by the members who attended the meeting. The meeting has given the library association board mandate to formulate this new addition to the Orientation of Activities.

Information in English regarding the Swedish Libriary Association and its Orientation of Activities for 2010-2011 is found at http://www.biblioteksforeningen.org/english/base.html.

I will distribute more information to this list as it becomes available.

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